My Hero Academia Manga: Creator Claims To Wrap Series With a Long Epilogue (2024)

My Hero Academia chapter 425 is around the corner and fans are incredibly excited to see what direction the story goes in next.

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My Hero Academia Manga: Creator Claims To Wrap Series With a Long Epilogue (1)

My Hero Academia (PC: Studio Bones, Crunchyroll)

My Hero Academia chapter 425 is set to unfold the series' post-war arc, a topic that fans were initially concerned about after the Final War Saga. However, the author, Kōhei Horikoshi, has confirmed that the post-war arc will continue for a considerable period, delivering heartwarming moments to fans.

But as it turns out, Horikoshi is going to wrap the hit series after a lengthy epilogue. The upcoming chapters will provide a comprehensive look at the series' post-war events, ensuring that fans have a lot to look forward to.

My Hero Academia will wrap with a long epilogue

My Hero Academia has reached its climax, ending its Final War saga. Creator Kōhei Horikoshi announced that the series will be wrapped after a lengthy epilogue, despite many expecting it to wrap quickly.

Horikoshi confessed in an author's note with chapter 424 of My Hero Academia, stating that the chapter wraps Deku's fight against All For One and sets the stage for the manga's epilogue, ensuring fans that there is still much left before the manga ends.

"Writing conventions say that the conclusion of a story should be short, but this is not the type of manga that can immediately end after the fighting is over. I'll keep going for a little while longer. We're going back to the title," Horikoshi shared.

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What to expect from My Hero Academia chapter 425?

Chapter 425 of My Hero Academia is expected to focus on the rebuilding of the Hero Society due to the heavy toll of the Final War on the country. The heroes, such as Cementos, will play a crucial role in this rebuild, highlighting interesting quirks and restoring key places that took significant damage. Fans are likely to see this rebuild continue, with key places that took significant damage being showcased.


The chapter 425 of My Hero Academia presents an opportunity to introduce some hero students and those who may not have received as much attention in the series. With the war over, fans can expect extra character time and an interesting look at Japan's development. The country's assistance from overseas sets up connections that could be explored in a spin-off manga if the author wishes to.

Kohei Horikoshi expects the series to return to academia, allowing students to return to their schools. Chapter 425 will focus on the students' return to school and learning about being heroes. As the war is over and normalcy returns to Japan, they have demonstrated their strength and experience, but there is still much to learn and gain. As a result, there is a need for Heroes to watch over them, which is heart-touching.

Fans will most likely get to experience that over the course of the next few chapters, as the author certainly intends for more academia to take up a significant portion of the chapters from here onwards. While it might be too early for the likes of Deku and Bakugo, among others, to return to school, there could be a small timeskip, which could then take fans back to school with these characters at the center of things.


The series will also focus on character relationships, such as the romantic relationship between Deku and Ochaco, the significant relationship between Bakugo and Deku, and the Todoroki family. These aspects will be central to the story, making it an exciting and exciting addition to the series. The Todoroki family's involvement is expected to be a significant part of the story.

My Hero Academia Manga: Creator Claims To Wrap Series With a Long Epilogue (3)

Above all, My Hero Academia chapter 425 is expected to focus on the next generation of heroes, who have already made their mark in the final war. The story will return to school, highlighting the hard work these students need to complete before they can rise to the top.

This old-school feel will be a favorite among fans, as it feels like the early parts of the series were once again, a sentiment that fans will appreciate. The upcoming chapter is expected to be a thrilling read for fans.

The story segment will provide fans with ample opportunities to witness their favorite heroes develop into heroes, with small time skips showcasing their progress. The dynamic between Bakugo and Deku will be intriguing, as Bakugo gains a prosthetic arm, while Deku has access to only the embers of the One For All. The story's development from here onwards will be intriguing and provide fans with a glimpse into the future of heroes.


Based on the author's words, it is likely going to continue for a while as he does not intend to rush his ending. Fans can only hope for the best when it comes to the conclusion of My Hero Academia.

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My Hero Academia Manga: Creator Claims To Wrap Series With a Long Epilogue (2024)


My Hero Academia Manga: Creator Claims To Wrap Series With a Long Epilogue? ›

My Hero Academia will wrap with a long epilogue

Is 424 the final chapter of MHA? ›

Chapter 424 kicks off what appears to be the final few chapters of My Hero Academia, and teases the long overdue revolution in the newly rebuilt Hero Society.

Is the MHA manga ended? ›

Kohei Horikoshi's masterpiece My Hero Academia has finally come to an end. However, the author has mentioned that he will continue the manga with a short epilogue, Here is what we know.

Did Deku lose his quirk? ›

Nonetheless, it appears that the series finale may end up being more bittersweet than fans could have ever anticipated. Deku's journey in My Hero Academia has been a long but fulfilling one and sad as it may be to see him quirkless again, giving up One For All certainly makes him an even greater hero.

Will there be a chapter 425 of My Hero Academia? ›

My Hero Academia Chapter 425 will be released globally at the following times: 11:00am Eastern Time. 04:00pm British Time. 05:00pm European Time.

How far is mha from ending? ›

MHA's Manga Is In Its Final Arc And Has Been Since 2022

It's currently produced 412 Chapters and the manga's 40th volume should arrive around March 2024. However, Horikoshi made claims that My Hero Academia was entering its endgame back in December 2021 during the Jump Festa 2022 event.

Who is the final villain in MHA? ›

Tomura Shigaraki's personality regains control of his body, which means the end of All For One and the rise of My Hero Academia's true final villain.

Was Deku's real quirk stolen? ›

Garaki sneakily stole Deku's natural Quirk factor, then it's solely his fault that the protagonist grew up an outcast, and fans can focus all their anger on one person. This paints the Midoriya family as an innocent victim of a villain who's easy to blame for all of Deku's early troubles.

Did Bakugo lose his quirk? ›

Katsuki Bakugo, a prominent character in the anime and manga series "My Hero Academia," does not lose his powers at any point in the series. Bakugo possesses the Quirk "Explosion," which allows him to generate and control explosions from his palms.

What is Deku's final quirk? ›

How It Works. Deku's final quirk is known as 'gearshift'. It's a quirk that is activated via physical contact. It allows the user to change the velocity of anything they touch, meaning they can spontaneously slow things down, or speed things up.

What is 13 in My Hero Academia? ›

Anan Kurose, also known as Space Hero: Thirteen, is a supporting character of superhero anime/manga My Hero Academia. She is a Pro Hero who specializes in search and rescue, and a faculty member of U.A. High School.

Is My Hero Academia officially over? ›

My Hero Academia has ushered in an official epilogue following the end of the fight against the villains, but it's clear that the manga is far from over.

How many chapters of mha left? ›

The End of My Hero Academia Will Come in Volume 42

MHA chapter #422 marks the end of volume 41, and taking into account the recent volumes, which had between 10 and 12 chapters each, volume 42 is expected to be the last volume of My Hero Academia. This sets the end of the manga around chapter #434.

Did MHA season 6 end? ›

Like the previous four, the season ran in two consecutive cours and aired from October 1, 2022, to March 25, 2023, on ytv and NTV. The season follows the climactic battle between the Heroes with the students of U.A.

How many chapters will mha season 6 cover? ›

My Hero Academia season 6 has covered up to chapter 328 of the manga. Fans who are eager to know what happens next can pick up the manga from chapter 329 and continue following the story.

What chapter is season 7 of mha? ›

Unlike the previous five seasons, the season will run for 21 episodes. It covers the "Star and Stripe" (chapters 329–334), "U.A. Traitor" (chapters 335–342), and the "Final War" arcs.

Which chapter is the last episode of my hero academia season 6? ›

Where Does My Hero Academia Season 6 End? If you're planning on continuing the story from where season 6 left us, then you need to start reading the manga from Chapter 329.


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