Andy Cole reveals he almost PUNCHED United team-mate Teddy Sheringham (2024)

Andy Cole has revealed he once almost punched his Manchester United team-mate Teddy Sheringham as he lifts the lid on the pair's attritional long-running feud.

The former Red Devil has been vocal in the past about his uneasy relationship with Sheringham, who joined Sir Alex Ferguson's side in 1997, claiming a then-historic Treble for the club alongside Cole two seasons later.

Despite working well together as the sharp prongs ofMan United's attackon the pitch, the pair were unable to get along off it - with Cole explaining that the tension between the pair first started several years before they were brought together at Old Trafford.

Discussing his relationship with Sheringham on The Overlap, brought to you by Sky Bet, the recently inducted Premier League Hall of Fame member detailed how a single small gesture of the former Tottenham player's had sparked years of animosity.

'It all started when I made my England debut and for whatever reason he snubbed me and didn’t shake my hand on my debut,' Cole shared with podcast hosts Ian Wright, Jill Scott, and Wayne Rooney, as well as his Treble-winning team-mates Roy Keane and Gary Neville.

Andy Cole (left) and Teddy Sheringham (right) failed to gel during their mutual playing careers

Despite winning a raft of trophies, Cole and Sheringham (pictured with David Beckham, right) never clicked off the pitch

Cole shared on Tuesday that he and Sheringham had once even nearly come to blows

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'I was disappointed. As far as I’m concerned, you’re a senior professional and I remember I’ve always watched England play when someone’s making their debut and whoever comes off makes a massive beeline to that individual to wish them all the best.

'Naturally, I was cheesed off, but I got my head down.

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'When he joined Manchester United, I thought okay, I’ll get on with it. I remember the first day of pre-season, the boys couldn’t stop laughing at me because they knew the situation.

'I’ve come in pre-season, we’re playing a game, and he tried to coach me into position, and I thought, I’ve been at Manchester United for a while now, I know what I’m doing.

'That happened and I let him know that he shouldn’t try and coach me into position because I’ve been at Manchester United and been successful at this football club.'

But as tensions ramped up, the pay-off between the pair was explosive, with an infamous run-in in the tunnel after a testy draw against Bolton during the 1997-98 season that forced Keane to play the somewhat unfamiliar peacemaker role.

'The final straw for me was in a game against Bolton, I remember drawing 1-1 at Old Trafford, they scored a late goal and he said to me that it was my fault,' Cole continued. 'I said to myself, okay, let’s just get to full-time.

'Usually, I’m one of the last off the pitch but that day I was one of the first off the pitch. I ran down the tunnel and waited for him to come in.

Success remained of paramount importance to the side, however, and disagreements were often quickly put aside (pictured in 2000)

'We had a little bit of a set-to and I’ve just about copped my arm back and then peacemaker (Roy Keane) came in for thirty seconds and turned it on its head. He tried to break it up then got involved himself.'

But even though tempers flared, the damage was far from irreparable.

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'What’s really important about all of this stuff, the player arguments, hang-ups with Teddy (Sheringham), whatever it is, the key was that even with all of this arguing, it never interfered with our targets as a team,' Keane shared.

'That was trying to win the following weekend and the next game.'

In his 2010 biography, Cole had shared how he had 'loathed' Sheringham personally for 'years', despite playing alongside one another under Ferguson until 2001.

He even once went as far as stressing:'I would rather sit down and have a cuppa with Neil Ruddock, who broke my leg in two places in 1996, than with Teddy Sheringham.'

But in 2019, the 52-year-old told Mail Sport that the pair had finally buried the hatchet after over two decades.

'I was out with my mates and he was with his wife Shirley. I saw him walking towards me and I thought to myself "hold up",' Sheringham said to Mail Sport.

'He's got quite a deadpan face anyway. There wasn't a big smile. I thought: "Here goes. Maybe after all these years..." I had my guard up.

Roy Keane (pictured in 1999) was roped in as peacemaker during a fracas in the tunnel

Even at different clubs the pair continued to maintain frosty relations until both were retired

'He came towards me and I could see Shirley looking at me thinking, "f***ing hell, what's going to happen?"

'He put his hand out and said, "let bygones be bygones and put everything behind us". I said, "wow, I didn't expect that. No problem". I shook his hand and that was that.'

Both Sheringham and Cole left two seasons after the club's unprecedented achievement, with the former moving back to his old club Tottenham, and the latter opting for a three-season stint at Blackburn Rovers.

Cole retired seven years after leaving Manchester after adding spells at clubs including Manchester City, Nottingham Forest, Fulham, Sunderland, and Portsmouth to his CV.

Andy Cole and Roy Keane were speaking on The Overlap, brought to you by Sky Bet.

Andy Cole reveals he almost PUNCHED United team-mate Teddy Sheringham (2024)


Why didn t Cole and Sheringham speak? ›

He went to shake hands with Sheringham, a customary action in most substitutions, but Sheringham ignored him, leaving him red faced and hanging, something Cole never forgave him for. The former striker, when talking about his feud with Sheringham claimed: “I didn't want to play the game after that.

How long did Andy Cole play for Man U? ›

Andy Cole
Personal information
1995–2001Manchester United195
2001–2004Blackburn Rovers83
2005–2006Manchester City22
27 more rows

Why did Andy Cole leave Arsenal? ›

In the May issue of FourFourTwo magazine, on sale now, Cole opens up about what leaving Arsenal meant for his career. “It just didn't work out. I believed I was good enough to play for Arsenal at the time," he explains. “The manager didn't think I was good enough so I went out on loan, then they chose to move me on.

How many goals did Andy Cole score? ›

Top 10 Goals | Andy Cole joined United on 10 January 1995 and went on to score 121 goals! Here are his best...

Were Cole and Sheringham made up? ›

Speaking in an interview with TalkSPORT last year, Sheringham revealed how he and Cole made up in a nightclub some 23 years after their feud began.

Why does Teddy Sheringham not like Andy Cole? ›

Teddy Sheringham and Andy Cole disliked each other during their time together at Manchester United. The animosity began in 1995, when Cole felt Sheringham snubbed him while making his England debut. Despite their feud, they enjoyed huge success together at Old Trafford.

How many league titles did Andy Cole win? ›

Career in numbers

Cole came alive in the penalty area. Deadly with both feet and his head, his eye for goal helped Manchester United to five Premier League titles and a famous 1998/99 Treble.

Who is the oldest team between Man U and Man City? ›

The two clubs were born just two years apart, United in 1878 and City in 1880.

How many games did Andy Cole play for Man Utd? ›

Stats by club
Man Utd275121
8 more rows

Which Arsenal player retired? ›

Former Arsenal midfielder Abou Diaby has announced his retirement from playing at the age of 32 following an injury-ravaged career. Diaby made just 198 club appearances in total during a senior career that spanned 14-and-a-half years, and had been without a club since being released by Marseille in 2017.

Did Andy Cole score a penalty in the Premier League? ›

We all understand what a great goal scorer he was." Incredibly, only one of Cole's goals came from the penalty spot, meaning he ranks second in Premier League history for non-penalty goals, one ahead of Wayne Rooney and just 18 behind Shearer.

Why did Arsenal change their name? ›

In 1891, Royal Arsenal became the first London club to turn professional. Royal Arsenal was renamed for the second time upon becoming a limited liability company in 1893. They registered their new name, Woolwich Arsenal, with the Football League when the club ascended later that year.

How many penalties did Andy Cole score in the Premier League? ›

Incredibly, only one of Cole's goals came from the penalty spot, meaning he ranks second in Premier League history for non-penalty goals, one ahead of Wayne Rooney and just 18 behind Shearer. "He never took penalties, never wanted to take penalties," Shearer explains.

What does Andy Cole do now? ›

Outside of football, Andy splits his time between his Kidney Research Fund (more details here) and following boxing and golf.

Why did Andy Cole leave Newcastle? ›

“I enjoyed Newcastle. “The only problem, for me, personally, it came too early for me. ”I'm not a big fan of people idolising me.

What year did Andy Cole retire? ›

In The Football League, he played for Bristol City, Birmingham City, Burnley, and Nottingham Forest. On 11 November 2008, Andy announced his retirement from football, ending an incredible 19-year career. He is now a regular pundit on PLP and has appeared frequently on SKY and Premier League TV.

Who has played for both Newcastle and Man City? ›

All Players
Manchester City FCNewcastle United FC
Stephen Ireland2005-20092010
James Milner2010-20142004-2008
Stuart Pearce20011997-1998
13 more rows

What number was Andy Cole for Manchester United? ›

Squad number history
00/01Manchester United9
99/00Manchester United9
98/99Manchester United9
97/98Manchester United9
14 more rows


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